Those who know me (aside from shaking their heads in a regretful sigh) are well aware of my addiction for books. Those who can stay awake long enough even know about my ever-growing collection of science fiction reference books. C’mon…who isn’t a better person for owning three copies of Clute’s Encyclopedia of Science Fiction? To be fair, one is on extended loan to…charity. [Looks at JP.]

Recently a brand new reference work was published: The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy: Themes, Works, and Wonders by sf scholar, author and critic Gary Westfahl. Awesome!

I’m salivating even as I type. [Pauses to clean keyboard.] I not only love reading science fiction, I also immensely enjoy reading about science fiction. This new reference work (3 volumes! One for every room in the trailer home I had to move into to support my book-buying habit.) covers 400 themes from 150 experts in the field. (Although, I don’t personally recall receiving a phone call… :)) These reference books are perfect for those little stolen moments when you can sneak in a 5-minute sf fix. I could spend hours endlessly trolling through the pages, following one connection to the next, soaking in all that tasty sf goodness.

The price tag is sadly a little steep for my personal use. However, if you’re in the market for a $350 present for yours truly…(H)

I’m just sayin’.

[Link via Locus Online]

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