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Contemplating Another New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again where I usually resolve not to make any more New Year’s resolutions. But I keep thinking back to my 2004 resolution to read 366 SF-POINTS©-worth of short stories, novelettes and novellas. I met my goal by year’s end (earlier, actually) and I found the whole experience to be rewarding overall. So, I’m thinking of doing it again in 2006. I’m having reservations and trying to figure out why. Commitment? Time? Fear of failure? Maybe a combination?

Hmmm. Let me compare a year with (2004) and without (2005) the short-story-a-day experiment.


Total Books Read: 50

Anthologies/Collections read: 12

Pages read: 18,299 (yes, I keep track and it’s sad)


Total Books Read: 54

Anthologies/Collections read: 9

Pages read: 18,744

I remember saying at the end of 2004 that it was my “reading year”: the year I read the most. It surprises me to know I read even more in 2005, even if it’s only about 450 pages more. I read some shorter novels in 2005 which increased the number of titles read by 4. But I read fewer anthologies overall. Also, it should be noted, that some of the stories read in 2004 were from online sources, which do not figure into the page and title counts. So, maybe I’m reading the same from year-to-year after all.

Where does this leave me with a new year’s resolution for 2006? I’m not sure yet. I’m leaning towards yes. Today.

Anyone care to lend an opinion?

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2 Comments on Contemplating Another New Year’s Resolution

  1. Go for the short a day again! You got me to read a lot of short stories that year and it’ll be incentive for me to do it again.

    This year was a lot more non-fiction, a lot less short fiction and a lot more “historical” fiction. 70-odd books by the time the year ends, plus or minus. Page count? Not sure…how many pages does The Baroque Cycle put me at by itself?!?!?!

  2. Well, I was all set to wuss out and just say, “Nah, maybe next year.” And then I started reading Frederik Pohl’s recent collection Platinum Pohl. The lead-in novella (4 SF-POINTS

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