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REVIEW: Weapons of Choice

REVIEW SUMMARY: Almost two separate books: the first part is gratuitous and hard to follow but the second is very solid.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: In a reprise of other works such as The Final Countdown Birmingham spins a story about warships from 2021 being sent to 1942. The book then explores the outcome of this transition.


PROS: Second half of the book is solid, with the social and political aspects of ‘men from the future’ showing up in the middle of World War II.

CONS: The 2021 technology seems gratuitous: why not just send 2005’s military technology into the past? The first part of the book detailing the actions around Midway right after the transition (with Americans firing on Americans) seems rushed and not as well written as the second half. The books was either split of planned to be part of a series from day one – it ends abruptly.

BOTTOM LINE: Because it is the beginning to a series, if you’re interested in the series, you pretty much have to read this one. The follow-on is good, so it is probably best to slog through this one quickly and get on to the better work.

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