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Ronald D. Moore’s Future Looks Bright

FanDominion points us to two bits of interest regarding Battlestar Galactica developer Ronald D. Moore.

First, Moore has signed on for another two years to do BG. That’s good news in my book since it’s been Moore’s vision that has made the most watchable sf series on TV today. As part of the deal, NBC/SciFi Channel will produce other Moore projects.

Which brings us to the second item of interest: one of the new Moore projects is a time travel show called The Pen and the Sword which involves “a temp worker who discovers a portal at his job that allows him to travel back and forth between a medieval alternate reality and this reality.” Not sure about this one. I like time travel stories but I’m not sure if it could work as a weekly series. Anyone remember Irwin Allen’s Time Tunnel? Then again, I had doubts about the BG remake…I mean “re-imagining”…so we’ll see. If anyone can pull it off, it’s Moore.

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