Will you see films if Captain Kirk gives it two thumbs up?

William Shatner is starting his own DVD-of-the-month Club that features sci-fi movies. Sure, the movies are almost-unheard-of, but still it’s a, shall we say..enterprising…project? [Insert Austin Powers-like giggle here].

I have to say, I have grown to think highly of Shatman over the years. What started as a running punching bag joke has become a twisted form of respect. It’s not so much the success of Boston Legal (which I don’t watch anyway), or the hit-and-miss humor of Invasion Iowa, or the fact that I actually like Has Been (particularly his “Common People” duet with Joe Jackson.), or his humorous appearance on the Emmy Awards show, or his psycho TV Guide cover, or the kidney stone thing

OK, maybe it was a combination of all these. (Except the kidney stone thing. That was just creepy.) It’s hard not to like a guy who schools you at making fun of the Shat, even if it is Shatner himself.

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