Best Bets for Movies in 2006

CNN picks the best movies for 2006, dividing the choices into tiers.

“Can’t Miss” movies include:

Safe Bet films:

Sounds promising:

7 thoughts on “Best Bets for Movies in 2006”

  1. One of the “can’t miss” movies is a remake of a tired Irwin Allen flick? What’s next year’s “can’t miss” movie? A remake of “Towering Inferno”?

  2. Oh, I’ll agree. Some of the television was a lot of fun (at least for the first few seasons of each show…both “Lost in Space” and “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” should have been retired long before they were!).

  3. That’s 24 hours of my life and over a hundred bucks I’ll be saving by attending none of these.

    I agree with Geoff: V for Vendetta is the only thing I have any interest in seeing.

  4. My whole family loved Pirates and as a result, is anxiously awaiting the sequal. Note – when I was at Disney earlier this year they told me they filmed Pirates 2 and 3 at the same time, so look for a 3 in 2007!

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