One of the nice things about Locus Magazine is the People and Publishing section which lists “book sales” and “books delivered”. The January 2006 issue shows a sneak peek into the future of SF. (Some of this news may be a little old…print is a slower medium than the Internet, after all!)

  • Stephen Baxter is writing the four-book Time’s Tapestry cycle, the first book is called Emperor.
  • Charlie Stross sold a near-future heist novel about MMORPGs tentatively titled Halting State and also sold an unnamed sequel to Iron Sunrise.
  • This was already mentioned but is worth repeating: John C. Wright sold the third book in his Orphans of Chaos series.
  • John Scalzi sold book three in his Old Man’s War series, titled The Last Colony.
  • Alan Dean Foster sold Sagramanda, a near-future tale of India.
  • William C. Dietz sold two more novels in his Legion of the Damned series: When All Seems Lost and When Duty Calls.
  • Kage Baker sold a collection titled Dark Mondays.
  • Neal Asher sold Prador Moon, described as “a sequel prequel of sorts” to Skinner.
  • James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel turned in Feeling Very Strange: The Slipstream Anthology.

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