Star Trek At Home

Literally. This guy built his home theater room as a replica of the bridge of the Enterprise from the original series. This is scary impressive. Now, I’m not that big of a ST fanboy to want to actually do this too. However, the Death Star themed home theater room (on one of the pages) is a different story. Hopefully, it doesn’t come complete with Grand Mof Tarkin foul stench.

How about a Seaquest DSV or B5 insipired theater? Galactica (now or old)? Oh! I know! A Buck Rogers themed one where Twiki is the universal remote!

5 thoughts on “Star Trek At Home”

  1. So I think this “works” (and I use that term loosely) because ST is always centered around a big viewscreen. And if you do Buck Rogers based one – make sure the Twiki remote says “bdbdbdbdbdbd channel 7 buck” and walks up to the TV to change the channel…

  2. Not to be overly optimistic, but one can sell almost anything in the real estate market. For example, a friend in Villa Park, IL sold a home with a 70 foot antenna tower in the backyard. That’s probably as equally unappealing to the hoi polloi as replica bridge. (and maybe just as useful, no the bridge is more useful since you can watch BattleStar Galatica on the viewscreen). BTW, I have a current amateur license.

    Allan Rosewarne

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