We’re still tweaking the setup of the new Movable Type software. If it takes a while to accept your comments, it’s because we need to filter through the horde or comment spam which the new software has to be trained to reject.

At the moment, I’m a little disillusioned with Movable Type version 3.2. With the previous version, we had MT-Blacklist exactly how we wanted it. Now, with the SpamLookup filter that’s built in, we need to retrain. Grrrr! Maybe I need to import the MT-Blacklist entries into the SpamLookup config? Will that slow site publishing?

Another thing I need to do is pore over the Six Apart Guide to Comment Spam. I know that the next best thing to do is obfuscate our CGI file names. I tried this quick fix earlier with no immediate success, but backed off until later as it was getting late. Time to retry very soon.

Other alternatives are Commenter Authentication (via TypeKey or something similar) and Capthcas (where you type some random code to allow comment submission). Does anyone have preference for or against any of these? (See the Six Apart Guide to Comment Spam for Pros and Cons.)

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