A post about science fiction AND gaming? What a perfect candidate for a cross-post!

Editor Lou Anders and sf author Mike Resnick are throwing down a challenge to gamers and game designers related to Mike Resnick’s Starship: Pirate, the upcoming sequel to Starship: Mutiny. In Starship: Pirate, there is mention of a game called “bilsang” and Anders and Resnick are looking for someone to design a real bilsang game based on these rules described in the book:

  1. Bilsang is ” harder than it looks.”
  2. It’s “simplicity” is what makes it so hard.
  3. Bilsang does not require a board, cards, or a computer.
  4. Anyone can play it, but not anyone can win.
  5. Games last “Anywhere from five minutes to three months.”
  6. Learning the game takes “five minutes for the rules, a lifetime for the subtleties.”
  7. All that is required is “a flat surface, and twenty pieces. Coins will do. Or medals. Or anything that you can fit twenty of on a tabletop.”

The winning game design (and designer) will be mentioned in one of the appendices of Starship: Pirate, get a credit in the book as being a co-created of bilsang alongside Mike Resnick and get a couple of signed copies of the first edition.

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