I’m finally (don’t get me started) getting around to reading the February 2006 “Year in Review” issue of Locus Magazine. The many perspectives of the Recommended Reading sections are fun because they point out all the cool science fiction published last year. It’s nice to see books I’ve read. It’s not so nice to see all the books I want to read but don’t have time for.

The 2005 Books Summary article is, as usual, comprehensive, interesting and full of fun figures, like the Total Books Published by SF Imprint in 2005. (The “by SF Imprint” table is more telling about SF than the “by Publisher” table since it focuses on the SF.) Here are the Top 10 with their respective book count totals.

Top 10 Total Books Published by SF Imprint in 2005

  1. Tor (218)
  2. Science Fiction Book Club (202)
  3. Ace (102)
  4. Del Rey (85)
  5. Black Library US (73)
  6. Baen (72)
  7. Wizards of the Coast (65)
  8. Daw (61)
  9. Eos (55)
  10. Roc (51)

These numbers include both new books and reprints in all formats (hardcover, trade paperback and and mass-market paperback)

To add data to last year’s post which asked if too many books were being published, in 2005 there were 2,516 genre books published. In 2004, there 2550 – that’s the first decline in 4 years.

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