On Sunday, March 12th, The History Channel is running How William Shatner Changed the World. They only offer this brief description:

You’ve got a cell phone at one ear, an iPod at the other. You know that Blackberry is now a verb and Spam is not only canned meat. But just how did we get here? Blame William Shatner–yes, that William Shatner–Captain Kirk. We’ll boldly go where few have gone before to reveal how scientists, inspired by the series, would revolutionize medicine and are surpassing the far-out vision of the future foreshadowed in Star Trek in the 1960s. From cell phones to computers to even leading-edge medical advancements, this 2-hour special explores how those sci-fi inventions have now permeated everyday life as we know it. Hosted and narrated by Shatner and based on his book, I’m Working on That, we’ll meet the brightest minds of Silicon Valley and the Trek-inspired inventions that have help change the world.

There’s a press release with more information, like this tidbit that fanboys will love:

HOW WILLIAM SHATNER CHANGED THE WORLD features interviews with other Star Trek actors George Takei and Nichelle Nichols, and looks at the legacy of subsequent Star Trek franchises and feature films which continue to impact the pace of scientific and technological advancements and inspire a new generation of world-changing scientists and inventors.

Speaking of fanboys, the History Channel is also running a promotional sweepstakes where the winner will get to meet William Shatner at a Star Trek con in Vega$.

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