Dave Itzkoff, SF reviewer for The New York Times, recently listed his favorite SF books. But he is also making waves with some comments about the SF genre he makes in his review of David Marusek’s Counting Heads.

HERE’S a question I don’t expect to come anywhere close to answering by the end of this column: Why does contemporary science fiction have to be so geeky?

I cannot [recommend science fiction books] in good conscience because if you were to immerse yourself in most of the sci-fi being published these days, you would probably enjoy it as much as one enjoys reading a biology textbook or a stereo manual. And you would very likely come away wondering, as I do from time to time, whether science fiction has strayed so far from the fiction category as a whole that, though the two share common ancestors, they now seem to have as much to do with each other as a whale has to do with a platypus.

His reaction has already spawned a letter to be written to Locus Magazine [link via Emerald City].

Is Itzkoff right? Is he just using a bad hook to make his article more cohesive?

Is SF too geeky?

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