Dave Itzkoff’s comments about SF have certainly garned a lot of attention. Along with that attention, has come close scrutiny of his list of favorite SF books. This list shouldn’t surprise anyone as it definately seems to come from someone who thinks SF is too geeky. So, as a result, I thought I’d challenge the loyal SF Signal reader, to come up with a list of top SF books, as voted on by you. That means that you, Mr(s). RSS Feed reader, need to click on through and enter your list too. The rules:

1. Post your top 5 SF books. Order is unimportant, you can vote for a series by voting for any book in the series, just vote by saying BookName (Series).

2. Post them here in the comment section, please don’t email them.

3. We’ll tally up the votes, and generate a list of books, ordered by number of votes, in, say, about a week.

To get started, here are my top 5 (favorite) SF books:

1. Startide Rising

2. Use Of Weapons

3. Hyperion

4. Sten (Sten)

5. Starship Troopers

Vote away!

Update #1: There has been much, err, discussion on why only 5 books? That’s easy. I’m lazy. And as this is all about me tabulating the votes, you get to list 5 to be counted. Joshua, you were right about John being the complete bastard. Me? I’m just the lazy bastard! Anyway, there is a lot of good stuff here. Some books that would be on my list if it were longer than 5. But I listed the first 5 I could think of, therefore they are my ‘top 5′. Keep posting. Especially you SFS peeps reading the RSS Feed. Click on over and post a comment or risk being called lazy, like Tim!

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