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Meet The Author

MeetTheAuthor allows you to see and hear your favorite authors in short clips where they discuss one of their titles.

The science fiction selection is a bit sparse at the moment, offering up two authors in nine clips dated between April and December of 2005. Brian Aldiss is seen in six clips (where he discusses Greybeard, Non-Stop, Super-state, The Helliconia Trilogy, Trillion Year Spree and “Supertoys Last All Summer Long“) while Neil Gaiman is seen in three clips (discussing Mirrormask, Neverwhere and Smoke and Mirrors).

The 65 clips of Children’s authors includes Terry Pratchett (discussing A Hat Full of Sky and The Wee Free Men), Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl, Artemis Fowl:The Arctic Incident) and Diana Wynne Jones (The Merlin Conspiracy).

[via Forbidden Planet]

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3 Comments on Meet The Author

  1. Is it really “meeting” if it’s one-way communication? Wouldn’t it be more like 😛

  2. You’re meeting the author, but the author is not meeting you. All told, I think they are happier for it. 😛

  3. That’s a great link, and I enjoyed the Pratchett and Colfer snipets as I have read those books. Its always a great thing to hear from the author about the books they have written. Someday, I would love to meet Mr. Pratchett though and find out if he is as humorous in real life as he is in his writings.

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