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More Dick In The Theaters

PKD seems to still be a hot commodity amongst the Hollywood types. Not only is A Scanner Darkly being released soon, now word is that Nic Cage will be starring in the movie Next, based on PKD’s story, The Golden Man. Its being touted as a Science Fiction Action Thriller. As if Hollywood produces any other kind of SF movie. But I digress. I’ve never read the story, but the synopsis sounds kind off Dead Zone-ish. Anyone here read it? Should Hollywood move on to other SF authors?

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  1. RTFB! 8o|

    (Sweet! I finally get to use that phrase. πŸ™‚ )

  2. There are plenty of SF authors whose books would make wonderful movies. The chances of them actually seeing the screen are somewhat more remote.

    Who could say no to a movie set on Tschai (Jack Vance’s Planet of Adventure)?

  3. I can’t really agree that Hollywood has overdone PKD because I don’t think they’ve really done his works proper justice.

    I’ve long ago given up on getting a steady fix of good SF flicks from Hollywood. We may see something open up with low cost digital filmaking in the near future though.

  4. You make two good points Jose, and I agree with both. The only PKD movies that I’ve really liked are Blade Runner and Minority Report.

    As for the film making, see the Upcoming SciFi Channel Updates post to read about how SciFi will be creating a place for users to upload their own movies. Just what you said would happen! The future, happening now on SFSignal.

  5. “The Golden Man” is one of my favourite PKD stories but, as far as I can tell by the plot description over at Imdb, it seems like this one will be a pretty loose adaptation.

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