Nebulous is a funny BBC sci-fi radio comedy described thusly:

The year is 2099. Professor Nebulous returns with his team of inept eco-trouble shooters in the second series of this hilarious sci-fi sit com.

NEBULOUS 2 continues the adventures of K.E.N.T. – the Key Environmental Non-Judgemental Taskforce in their struggle against alien threat and eco-logical disaster.

Like some strange collision of Doctor Who, Quatermass and Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, series two beams back in with more monsters, more mayhem and more bizarre and inventive plots.

Episodes are less than 30 minutes. The “I, Nebulous” episode features the voice of David Warner as the evil Dr. Klench and features lines like “A child’s face can say so much. Especially the mouth part.” and “…the man who was recently voted the man with most votes.” and mentions aliens with “a core of pure antimatter and a thick, chocolate coating.” Funny stuff. Those Brits slay me!

[via Curufea]

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