SF Tidbits for 4/26/06

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  1. I am astounded that “Legend” was going to cost over $100 million to make. Betcha some hungry filmmakers in Australia (think “Road Warrior”) or the UK (think “Twenty Eight Days”) could do it for a lot less. It’s not a film that requires a lot of SFX, etc. Just a good script and some good acting, to wash the taste of the two earlier versions away.


  2. Thanks for the BG tip, Joshua. Due credit is given in the new post.

    Need a job as a roving reporter? The pay is zero and the hours suck, but…OK, you got me – there is no “but”. :)

  3. Fred, I am shocked that you would talk that way about Charlton “I am made of people” Heston. He is a fine act… Okay, I agree about the point that the film should not cost 100 mil, but I doubt anybody will do it justice – they will turn it into another crappy action movie. I am hopeful they won’t since I liked the story, but I doubt it…

  4. Hey, Chuck is great. The problem is that you pretty much see the same range of acting in Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, Planet of the Apes and The Omega Man.

    Given that I saw Planet first, that remains my favorite riff on the theme.

    “I’m…home…I never left…”


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