I Was in Barnes & Noble tonight, loitering in the Science Fiction section while my daughter was waiting (not so patiently) to go to the Kids section, and I spotted a customer with a handful of Dune prequels. Since Dune was mentioned in our recent Poll, I struck up a conversation (beware of bloggers in book stores!) and asked him what his favorite sf novels were. His reply was that he only reads Dune novels. Interesting, I thought. I asked why. He really likes to read non-fiction with a particular interest in history, and he liked the way that Dune portrayed themes and trends that occur in history; the way cultures change; things of that nature.

I thought that was interesting. My first impression of the guy was that he was a fellow science fiction geek. Not true. It made me wonder about what draws people to read science fiction. I know I’m speaking to a sf-fan audience, but I still have to ask:

Why do you read (and/or watch) science fiction?

There are many reasons why one could read sf. For myself, I read fiction as a form of escapist entertainment. Although I dabble in fantasy and mystery and an occasional non-fiction book, I mainly read science fiction because I like the sense of wonder, the “What If?” scenarios, the portrayal of what could be. Science fiction is also a versatile canvas, providing stories that range from adventurous to thought-provoking.

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