The Alien Online has an update from Kevin J. Anderson on his progress in writing the sequel to A.E. van Vogt’s classic novel, Slan:

“When I read the outline and partial manuscript, and reread Slan, I decided to take on the project. My primary goal is to make a sequel that all fans of the original novel will enjoy. It carries forward many of the original ideas, with plenty of additional twists and turns, lots of action, even one of Van’s signature surprise endings. I think it’s very important to call more attention to one of the great early writers of the genre and to acknowledge the contribution he made to all of science fiction.

“Because Slan was originally published in 1940, the writing style is somewhat dated and pulpy for modern readers. Nevertheless, the feel of the book, the super-science, the vast ideas, the plot twists, the surprise ending, the spectacular setting – everything is perfectly compatible to a current audience. I worked hard to maintain the ‘flavor’ of van Vogt, while still polishing the manuscript so that the prose is equal to the very best I can do.

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