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Lost Star Wars Footage

From The Movie Blog comes news of some “lost” Star Wars footage. And by “lost” I mean footage I haven’t seen. The scene, called “Biggs’ Return”, shows Luke with his homeys and Biggs talking up the rebellion.

Personally, I think the Gilligan look works for Luke. I can just imagine Han Solo hitting him over the head and calling him “Little Buddy”. Maybe Lucas can work some of that in when he CGIs the crap out of it for the 30th Anniversary Super Platinum Mega-pak Uber-Extended Classic edition DVD release. I’m just sayin…

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4 Comments on Lost Star Wars Footage

  1. Great clip, although it was probably a good idea to leave it on the cutting room floor.

    I remember a scene like this in a Star Wars comic back in the 70s. I wonder if the writers of those comics had somehow seen this footage or read the script.

  2. I’m sure the comic writers did, Jose. To coincide the release of the comics (or novelizations) with the movie, they typically let them see the script. And with Episode IV, in the pre-Internet age and before Star Wars was hot to boot, there were probably no concern about plot leakage. Nowadays, LucasFilm has writers sign non-disclosure agreements with authors/game-makers as well as – and I’m just speculating here – holding their pets hostage. I could be wrong on that last part, though. 🙂

  3. That scene was in the novelization, and I think that footage was included in some of the bonus content in the OT DVD boxset.

  4. I seem to remember seeing part of that scene in the extra parts of VHS versions maybe? I can’t remember.

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