Listen up, readers. Especially you, RSS lurker! It’s time for another SF Signal challenge!

This one is aimed at identifying good vehicles for introducing science fiction and fantasy to the younger set (12 and under). All of us co-bloggers have kids (or, as I like to call mine, Extra-Mouth-to-Feed, but only to her face) and we have, in one form or another, exposed them to science fiction and/or fantasy. I thought it would be fun to gather a good list – with your help – of introductory sf/f works that appeal to kids.

Some guidelines:

  1. Pick 5 vehicles of science fiction or fantasy, where “vehicle” can be anything (books, movies, tv shows, games, whatever).
  2. Each pick should be appropriate for kids age 12 or younger. Plugged In Online is a good source to determine this.
  3. Post them here in the comment section. Please don’t email them where they will lost in the deluge of mortgage refinance opportunities and pleas for Africa-bound MoneyGrams.
  4. We’ll tally up the votes and generate a list (we likes the lists) in, say, about a week.

To get us started, here is my list of 5…

  • The Iron Giant by Ted Hughes (or the movie version) – About the book I said, “Fun story for kids and adults; great to read to/with your kids.” For the movie, I said “An immensely enjoyable film.”
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service – My daughter loves this movie. It wows her on every re-watch. When I saw the book, I bought that and we read that, too.
  • James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl – Haven’t seen the Tim Burton movie (but want to), but my daughter enjoyed this book very much because of its many colorful characters. (Also: see Scott’s review.)
  • Zathura – Yes, it’s Jumanji in space; both movies are based on books by the same author. So what? This is a thoroughly enjoyable and exciting film, even if the science is not all that sound. Warning: Unfortunately, two instances of bad language would limit this to older kids. (And even that might be questionable.)
  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis – Another enjoyable book. (Haven’t seen the movie, though my wife and daughter did and they both enjoyed it.) The religious allegory will be lost on the younger kiddies, but it still stands as a good story.

What are your picks?

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