For those who don’t know, Stephen King has been writing a column for Entertainment Weekly, the magazine in which (I think) JP likes to wrap dead fish before he steps on them and lights them on fire.

The latest issue’s column offers King’s Summer Book Awards. Along with the The Book of the Summer (The Ruins by Scott Smith, author of A Simple Plan which was later made into a movie by Sam Raimi) and Best Outright Horror Novelist (Bentley Little, author of The Store and Dispatch), he also sites Robert Charles Wilson as the Best Science Fiction Writer.

Quoth the King:

I’m not a big science-fiction fan, but I’ll read anything with a story and a low geek factor. Wilson is a hell of a storyteller, and the geek factor in his books is zero. Like Battletsar Galactica on TV, this is SF that doesn’t know it’s SF. His current novel, Spin, is good. Two earlier books, Darwinia and Blind Lake, are even better. There’s plenty of imagination here, as well as character and heart.

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