So I was flipping through channels last night and happened to settle on INHD’s In Theaters trailer program. They happened to be showing a trailer (trailer #1 at the link) for Superman Returns. That’s when I realized they were using the John Williams music from the original movie and how much @$$ that music kicks. I’d say the original Superman score is in the top 3 Williams scores, right with Star Wars and Raiders. It looks like they will be using a mix of Williams’ music and new music by John Ottman (he did the music for the X-Men movies). Could be good or bad, depending on how much Williams they use.

I am impressed by their web presence. They have a lot of interesting stuff for webmasters use. I think all movie website should follow this lead.

As for the movie itself, I’m not sure. Brandon Routh looks like a girly-man, too smooth and ‘perfect’. I’m just not fired up for this movie. But the music (Williams), makes me want to see the orignal again. Hello Netflix!

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