Dear Science Fiction Anthologist,

I’ll keep this brief as I know you are very busy reading story submissions.

I enjoy reading short stories and love reading anthologies (keep ‘em coming!) so I am going to freely give you 2 killer annual anthology themes:

  1. All Nebula Award nominees for that year.
  2. All Hugo Award nominees for that year.

It surprises me that there is no anthology that does this (that I am aware of, anyway). True, there are other award-based anthologies like the Nebula Awards Showcase series, but oddly, it does not offer all of the nominees and even throws in non-fiction and other DVD-extra content (which is fine). However, I’ve been noticing that some websites, including SF Signal, have been undertaking award-nominated fiction reading projects. Wouldn’t be handy to have all the short fiction printed in one place? If we’re doing it, others must be.

Admittedly, I know relatively little about the publishing industry and even I could come up with reasons to not do this: obtaining rights; hitting the optimum selling window; book length; stories (especially these past couple of years) already freely available online. I’m hoping there is sufficient economic reason to do it anyway, like maybe people prefer a book over digital format; or maybe people want to own the best-of-the-best; or booksplitting the nominees to make it profitable.

A single editor’s “best of” picks are nice. So, too, would the shortlists that are chosen by multiple award voters.


John DeNardo

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