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Doctor Who: A Parting of The Ways

I just finished watching the season/series 1 finale of Doctor Who with the episode “A Parting of The Ways”. I thought it was pretty darned good; one of the better episodes this season, although I did miss a few. (TV Squad liked it too and has a full summary.) There were moments of questionable logic, but Doctor Who was always about the fun, not necessarily the flawless plotting.

I liked Chris Eccleston as The Doctor. He always played it with a bit of well-placed humor. I knew there was a new Doctor coming in the next season, but I didn’t know the switch happened in this episode! The brief glimpse I got of the new guy (David Tennant, who for some reason reminded me of Davy Jones) left a good impression, though.

Since this was a late night viewing, I’ll need to re-watch this episode with my daughter, who like the series. Ah, nothin’ like getteng them hooked on sci-fi at a young age!

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4 Comments on Doctor Who: A Parting of The Ways

  1. Richard Novak // June 10, 2006 at 6:06 pm //

    It was one of the better episodes, and I too was pleasantly surprised the regeneration was shown. Thought that was the Christmas episode. This marked the second time the Doctor sacrificed himself to save a companion. The Fifth Doctor did so for Peri in ‘The Caves of Androzani’.

    Should be interesting to see Jack Harkness again in the ‘Torchwood’ spinoff.

    Yes, David Tennant does resemble Davy Jones.


  2. I had no idea the Doctor was going to change this episode, so I was left all a twitter last night. However, I was a Doctor Who addict as a child, and I know that Doctors change. (I still have my little Doctor Who paperbacks that I’ve been carting around for years.) It’s always so hard on me when the Doctor changes. I get so attached. I really liked Eccleston as the Doctor. The new guy seemed to have potential charm though. I suppose I will soldier on. I love Doctor Who and always come back just like the Doctor always seems to pop up in contemporary London although he has the entirety of creation to explore.

  3. David Tennant reminded me of Davy Jones too!

    I’ve been addicte to Who since the early 70s and also still tote my target paperpacks around LOL.

    I enjoyed Eccledston and and sorry to see him go, also one step closer to that 13th and final life…

  4. Tenant is actually pretty good as the doctor. Took me a little while to get used to him, but he’s good. If I have to complain about something, it will be that he often has just a little bit of something artificial in the really dramatic moments, but it’s not a big problem at all.

    So stick around, if you like it so far, you won’t be disappointed.

    I do have one issue with the 2nd/28th season, and Torchwood. They just keep on tossing references to Torchwood, nearly all the time. So showing Torchwood doing something active (The X-Mas episode) is fine, as well as showing what might have been the decision to found Torchwood further in the history of England.

    But just mentioning the name is annoying. It’s not like the first season’s Bad Wolf which was at least building for something.

    As for the 13 lives issue, I’m basing these on really old memories so it’s likely I’m just confused, but isn’t The Doctor specially supposed to somehow be different? As far as I remember during the final clashes with The Master (If my poor memory isn’t confusing this name as well) it was revealed that he was (Possible spoiler ahead for anyone who didn’t see the old seasons, and intends to, in case I’m not entirely off) some much higher iteration of The Doctor himself, no? I obviously don’t remember the number, but the impression I have is of something much more in the ‘future’ than 13 or 14…

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