I just finished watching the season/series 1 finale of Doctor Who with the episode “A Parting of The Ways”. I thought it was pretty darned good; one of the better episodes this season, although I did miss a few. (TV Squad liked it too and has a full summary.) There were moments of questionable logic, but Doctor Who was always about the fun, not necessarily the flawless plotting.

I liked Chris Eccleston as The Doctor. He always played it with a bit of well-placed humor. I knew there was a new Doctor coming in the next season, but I didn’t know the switch happened in this episode! The brief glimpse I got of the new guy (David Tennant, who for some reason reminded me of Davy Jones) left a good impression, though.

Since this was a late night viewing, I’ll need to re-watch this episode with my daughter, who like the series. Ah, nothin’ like getteng them hooked on sci-fi at a young age!

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