Free Philip K. Dick Audiobook

Wonder Audiobooks is promoting the audio anthology Among The Aliens by providing the free audio story “Beyond Lies The Wub” by Philip K. Dick.

The impressive table of contents for full contents of Among The Aliens looks like this:

  • “Green Patches” by Isaac Asimov
  • “Lover When You’re Near Me” by Richard Matheson
  • “Anthropological Notes” by Murray Leinster
  • “Arena” by Fredric Brown
  • “The Monsters” by Robert Sheckley
  • “The Martian Odyssey” by Stanley G. Weinbaum
  • “The Hanging Stranger” by Philip K. Dick
  • “The Wind People” by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • “Captains Mate” by Evelyn E. Smith
  • “The Devil On Salvation Bluff” by Jack Vance

[via SFF Audio]

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