SF Signal on Brain Parade

Here’s the height of irony. The cast of SF Signal is being featured on MemeTherapy‘s Brain Parade feature. And by “cast” I apparently mean “posse”. :)

And as the SF blogosphere’s undisputed linkmaster, I’d like to thank MemeTherapy for providing the link fodder.

6 thoughts on “SF Signal on Brain Parade”

  1. Cheers, you’ve been a real godsend lately because I’ve been without broadband and acessing the internet in stolen moments. So basicaly I’ve been letting you do my SF blog surfing for me and I’ve been quite happy.

  2. DeNardo!!!

    Haha now we know your laast name…

    and what is up guys no culture ships?!?!

    well i guess you really can’t own one of those becouse they own themselves.

    oh yeah i will now buy and read “Marrow” and if it sucks i am blaming you john and only you.

  3. I feel famous :) Although he did take one of my weaker answers – but I really have not thought about what I would be doing in 5 year….

  4. Tim,

    I intend on using all the answers you gave me. I just haven’t published those other Brain Parades yet.

    Going to take a day off blogging for my own sanity. I just published 4 articles and nearly 5,000 words in the past 30 hours. Sheeesh.

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