SF Tidbits for 6/18/06

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  1. Does anyone know when “How William Shatner Changed the World” will be on TV again? I loved it and now don’t see it listed, although once I read it was to be on again tonight, on Discovery HD..but don’t see it listed…..Help! …and thanks!

  2. Overwhelmingly, fans of the original series were displeased and angered by this remake. Ron Moore’s goal, to “reinvent the genre of science fiction”, resulting in innovative ideas like showing combat in a documentary format that turned away some and intrigued others. The miniseries was a success by Sci-Fi Channel standards, gaining a 3.8 rating share, but it succeeded on a new generation of viewers while loosing the fanbase through its disregard of the original source material.

    is this even remotely true…it reads like someone who has never even seen the new battlestar. I mean I am a fan of the original and i don’t feel that way at all….The fact that the first show apealed to me as a 7 year old and the new show apeals to me now says something about the supposed masses who don’t like the new show becouse it is not exactly like the old.

    Oh i guess i should say this comes from a link which is in the Sci fi as liturature link…which is pretty worthless as well.

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