BBC 7 is airing an audio rendition of “Shambleau” by C.L. Moore in three, 30-minute parts. The story is about “a space bounty-hunter who lives to regret rescuing a young woman from attack.” This is Moore’s first story and was written in 1933.

If you can’t wait you can read it in glorious French!

A few years ago, I happened upon the Gnome Press edition of the collection Shambleau and Others. It’s a beautiful reproduction of the original 1953 book. It comes in it’s own sturdy carboard sleeve and earns a spot on my precious shelf.

Just don’t ask me if I’ve read it yet. :)

3 thoughts on “Shambleau”

  1. C.L. Moore was an exceptionally good writer, and “Shambleau” was a powerful story. I hope the BBC version is aired here in the US at some point. Is the BBC lauching a new series of radio dramatizations?

  2. Lee, if I’m interpreting your comments correctly, the link (which I have updated) points to an audio drama that you will be able to access via the Internet. It’s only available for a limited time before they remove it.

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