Another old comic book memory…

In the throes of my DC Comics phase, I bought (with my hard-earned lawn-mowing money, I imagine) one of DC’s Giant comics. These were just jumbo-sized version of the regular comic; bigger pages with bigger art. One of the few I had was Superman vs. Muhammad Ali, which, thanks to Dial B for Blog, has once again come to my attention. This is the second time in the past month, actually. I saw a copy of it at Dog Eared Books in San Francisco, which is just down the street from Borderlands. It must be destiny. Or something.

Note the celebrities on the cover. They had a key inside that showed who everyone was. Is that Jimmy Carter? Sonny Bono? Lucille Ball? Yeah, put Sonny and Lucy into the ring, that’s the match I’d really like to see.

[via Backwards City]

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