TRAILER: Spiderman 3

The very first teaser trailer of Spiderman 3 is available. Like any reasonable teaser trailer, it shows very little but really fires up the old blood. And Lowell as the Sandman…cool.

[via Every single science fcition website that shows even the most remote signs of being updated on a regular basis and even a few that aren’t science fition-related at all.]

7 thoughts on “TRAILER: Spiderman 3”

  1. Sorry Fred, didn’t mean to beat you to it. (H) I just find it funny that John mispelled the same term two different ways. But at least, as a true geek, he didn’t misspell science….

  2. Actually, it’s not a spelling error. It’s a typo.

    And you misspelled “misspelled” as “mispelled”. So there. (H)

  3. Can somebody please send me the spiderman 3 trailer? preferably in windows media player format!

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