Sad news, folks. Publisher Jim Baen has pased away.

Through the Baen Free Library, Jim proved that free (and DRM-free, too!) e-books do indeed help print sales. Stop by and read Jim’s sensible reasoning why that is.

SF Author and friend David Drake has written an obituary. More are sure to follow.

UPDATE: See also the Press Release, the SFWA Obit, SciFi Wire, Jerry Pournelle, Boing Boing, Patrick Nielson Hayden, John Scalzi, Memory Machine and Lou Anders.

[h/t Eternal Golden Braid]

3 thoughts on “[UPDATED] RIP: Jim Baen”

  1. Both the obituary and the other piece are quite moving – I am sorry to see Jim gone, but hope that his legacy lives on with those he impacted. Furthermore, I would hope that other companies see what good can come from offering the services he did to thier customer base…

  2. My absolute favorite books are Baens. Maybe not the top 10 SF books ever published; but always a fantastic read, and worth the money. Always.

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