That would be J. Michael Stracynski of Babylon 5 fame. It seems that JMS dropped quite a few nuggets of information at the recently completed San Diego Comic-Con. In short order, here are the juicy bits:

  • JMS has sold a movie to Ron Howard set in 1920’s LA. It’s supposedly a myster/thriller (and not the Michael Jackson variety). Did you know: Ron’s dad, Rance, played John Sheridan’s father on B5.
  • JMS did a radio drama series for the CBC called The Adventures of Apocalypse Al. Still no word on an air date.
  • Sam Raimi is developing JMS’ Rising Stars comic series as a TV series. Too bad the NBC look-alike series Heroes will beat them to the punch.
  • Another JMS comic property, Midnight Nation, is being bid on by two movie studios. One shudders to think what Hollywood will do to the story.
  • And the biggest news of all, if you haven’t seen it yet: There will be more Babylon 5 stories! Maybe on network TV, but most likely to be shot straight to DVD. Babylon 5 – The Lost Tales will be a bunch of short films detailing many different stories set in the B5 universe. The first three will be about three of the main characters. Seeing as how Richard Biggs and Andreas Katsulas have passed on, the pool of characters is that much smaller. I’m there whenever these are released/aired.

That’s a lot of news. I really liked Rising Stars and I wondered, given the success of comics on film recently, why it hadn’t been picked up. It’s not your typical superhero tale. Tim pointed out that it reminds him of George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards series and I agree with that too, along with the Heroes series.

As far as B5 is concerned, I hear that Sheridan will be one of the characters JMS will cover. I’d like to see Garibaldi and Vir as well, although Ivanova would be fun too. If they can get Claudia Christian to do it.

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