Call him Harry Power. The Book Standard article Harry Potter and the Positive Impact shows how the Harry Potter books have persuaded children to turn to books.

More than half of kids ages 5-17 say they did not read books for fun before the Harry Potter series came along, according to the report, which surveyed 500 children and 500 parents nationwide. Among parents, 76 percent say reading the series has helped their child perform better in school, while 65 percent of children agree.

The Harry Potter study found that the average age at which readers pick up Harry Potter is 9, and many older children will read and re-read the books as they get older. This good news follows the findings from Yankelovich’s The Kids and Family Reading Report, released in June, which found that after the age of 8, the number of kids who read for fun significantly drops.

This is great news. I wonder, has any science fiction book had as profound an effect? Ender’s Game maybe?

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