Be the Next William Shatner

William Shatner is running a promotional contest through his DVD club where contestants can upload a short video proving why they are the biggest Sci-Fi fan. Video submissions are posted on where other people can watch the videos and vote for their favorites. The winner gets to be the new spokesperson for the DVD club.

Take a look at the video submissions.

[via Slice of SciFi]

11 thoughts on “Be the Next William Shatner”

  1. Isn’t that the parallel world/universe episode where there is a good Kirk and an evil Kirk and the evil Spock has a beard . . . yeah I can’t recall all the epsiode names now that I am old and feable . . .

  2. Doh! JP was right, the episode I was thinking of was “Mirror, Mirror”. But I think the “Enemy Within” is the one that pic is from . . . *sigh* I said I was getting old . . .

  3. Thanks . . . thanks for the help John . . . and apparently following with the theme I misspelled “feeble”. Too lazy to go back and correct the post . . . :-S

  4. Yeah, I’m surprised Fred wasn’t all over you for that and misspelling episode as “epsiode”. Not that he’s into pointing out other people’s flaws or anything… :^)

  5. Now, John, I only point out spelling mistakes for certain SF Signal operators. For others, I make helpful suggestions about wrapping fish and forward news stories that will crush their hearts. I’m still working on modus operandi for the other SF Signal operators…

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