SF Tidbits for 8/30/06

  • Cynical-C has the YouTube videos of The Stars Wars Holiday Special featuring Bea Arthur (Of course!), Art Carney (Naturally!) and, inevitably, Harvey Korman. Perhaps it’s better referred to as The Stars Wars Horrible Special?
  • StarWars.com interviews Karen Traviss, author of Star Wars: Legacy of the Force – Bloodlines. [via Club Jade]
  • SciFi Weekly reviews Merlin’s Apprentice, sequel to the 1998 miniseries Merlin, bot starring Sam Neill. Final Grade: C-.
  • SF Author and professor James Gunn was interviewed by NPR, to be aired Saturday, 26 August 2006.
  • John C. Wright continues his Heinlein tour with a review for Citizen of the Galaxy.

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