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UPDATE: Final 2006 WorldCon Updates…Part 2

UPDATE: Added link to Ellison fan reactions.

What I thought would be the last batch of WorldCon updates wasn’t. As attendees and winners have returned home, they have more musings and more comments on the now-infamous Harlan Ellison® Grope (including some from fans).

Some of the better commentaries include those of Gwenda Bond, David Brin, Edward Champion, Alan DeNiro, David Louis Edelman, Greg van Eekhout (more on the Ellison groping), Jane Espenson, Patrick Nielson Hayden, John Scalzi (more on the tiara) and Jeff VanderMeer.

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  1. Ahem, the David Brin link does not, in fact, point to Brin’s commentary. It points to Bloglines.

  2. Link fixed. Maybe a little less proofreading and a little more posting would leave some pickings for Fred, hmmm?

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