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WINNERS: 2006 Hugo Awards

The 2006 Hugo Award winners have been announced:

  • NOVEL: Spin by Robert Charles Wilson [SF Signal review]
  • NOVELLA: “Inside Job” by Connie Willis [SF Signal Review]
  • NOVELETTE: “Two Hearts” by Peter S. Beagle [SF Signal Review]
  • SHORT STORY: “Tk’tk’tk” by David D. Levine [SF Signal Review]
  • RELATED BOOK: Storyteller: Writing Lessons and More from 27 Years of the Clarion Writers’ Workshop by Kate Wilhelm
  • DRAMATIC PRESENTATION – LONG FORM: Serenity [SF Signal review]
  • DRAMATIC PRESENTATION – SHORT FORM: Doctor Who – “The Empty Child” & “The Doctor Dances”
  • PROFESSIONAL EDITOR: David G. Hartwell
  • PROFESSIONAL ARTIST: Donato Giancola
  • FANZINE: Plokta
  • FAN WRITER: Dave Langford
  • FAN ARTIST: Frank Wu

Also presented, the winner of the John W. Campbell award for Best New Writer (Not a Hugo) is John Scalzi.

See Locus Online for a list of nominees and here for stats.

[via Nicholas Whyte and Andrew Bertke]

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  1. For me, the Hugo for best novel was a race between Spin and Old Man’s War, with Old Man’s War taking the honors. Sure, Spin was a find hard SF novel, with interesting ideas and a great expansion of scope at the end, but Old Man’s War was a great SF novel in the early Heinlein tradition and was, for me, a more fun book to read. And also a more accessible SF book. Now if only I could have purchased a few thousand tickets to WorldCon, and OMW could have run away with the award….

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