has a few trailers posted for the upcoming remastered Star Trek series. Additionally, and more importantly (and finally!), they also have a station listing of all the affiliates airing the remastered series, as well as the times. For Houston? Channel 13, KTRK, will be airing the show on Saturdays, at 1:05am!!! Urk.

Sadly, CBS will not be making the HD version available to its affiliates to air. Some one at CBS is apparently too busy screwing the pooch to realize what a terrible PR move this is. Many CBS stations are capable of handling HD feeds, yet CBS won’t distribute it to them. I’m tihnking HD-DVDs in the future are the reason here. Yes, a conspiracy theory. CBS will whet the appetites of Trekkies everywhere with the standard def broadcasts, then will try to convinve them to buy the shiny new HD-DVDs at a later date. The bastages!

Still, I’ll record the first few to see what it looks like. Will you?

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