Some of you may have noticed yesterday an Instant Message box appeared on the left sidebar. We discovered a neat little IM widget from that allows website visitors to chat with the website authors. We thought that was a cool idea so we installed it. What we didn’t like was the load time or the look of the thing. So, we moved it. As you can now see, there is a NEW icon next to the Chat with us link. This will open a new window with two IM widgets installed that will allow you to chat with either myself (JP) or John, assuming, of course that we are online and at our PCs and are available to chat. Which, since John is pretty much a slacker, means almost anytime during the work day….

You can edit your nickname if you want us to see who you are, or just leave it with the randomly assigned name. We thought this might be fun so give it a try and tell us what you think!

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