Yes, I’m still reading The Space Opera Renaissance, the massive Tor anthology edited by David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer. I’m enjoying the heck out of it but I have to admit, the sheer size of the thing is playing games with my sense of progress.

This hardback clocks in at 944 pages. But not just any 944 pages. No, these pages have some sort of patented smaller-than-average Tiny-Type which means, all things being equal, it’s longer than most books of the same size. I do not know the word count – and I would love to know that and the average word count for the average book – but as a guess, I’d say this is the word-count equivalent of 3 or 4 “standard-length” books.

The good news with respect to closure is that I’m almost done. But this has to be the longest book I’ve ever read. I usually average about a book a week. I’ve been reading TSOR for over 5 weeks now. (To be fair, though, I have sneaked in two other quick-read books in the interim.)

What’s the lengthiest book you’ve ever read? Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth? Stephenson’s Quicksilver? War & Peace? No fair counting omnibuses!

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