POLL RESULTS: Favorite TV Robot

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Which of these is your favorite fictional robot from television?


(92 total votes)

I liked the voter turnout, but it appears that a large majority of voters take an unhealthy liking to alcohol-swilling, gambling, smartmouth, thieving robots. My kinda people… :)

This concludes the semi-finals in the search for our favorite robot. We now have our favorite robots from literature, movies and now television. Be sure to vote in this week’s poll where we declare The Supreme Robot the top 6 winners of these polls face off in our Robot Smackdown! (Note: No robots were actually harmed in the making of this poll.)

5 thoughts on “POLL RESULTS: Favorite TV Robot”

  1. I wasn’t sure which modern BG Cylons you meant – the human-looking ones or the obvious robot-looking ones? I ask because I’m not sure the human-looking Cylons are robots. At least the replicants from Blade Runner were clearly non-human (well, some were anyway – if it is true that Decker was a replicant then that’s another matter.)

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