SF Tidbits for 10/15/06

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  1. Well, don’t be hard on yourself. The book has not been published yet: it doesn’t really have a name any more than an unborn baby. Until the doctor writes it on the certificate, it is not offical.

    I mean, I could always change the title:

    A Princess of Chaos

    Tarnsman of Chaos

    Transit to Chaos

    Erlic, Lord of Chaos

    Abbot and Costello in Chaos

    The Great Hunt–Part XXII of the Wheel of Chaos Series

    Lepers of Chaos meet Godzilla

    Lust-maddened Vampire Slavegirls of Chaos

    Seven Traits of Highly Effective Archveults of Chaos

    Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter

    The only titles I cannot use are Children of Chaos (Duncan) Prince of Chaos (Zelazny) and Patterns of Chaos (Colin Kapp)

  2. No, but you can suggest

    Cry Havoc for Glory, and the Annihilation of the Titans of Chaos (The splendour of a Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath the Blazon of the Hyperborean Empire – Part III)

    Oh, wait, that is song from a Bal-Sagoth black metal Album

    I am not making that last part up. Truth is not only stranger than Fiction, it is stranger than Science Fiction.


  3. I am surprised you didn’t go with Clash of the Titans of Chaos. That would be a winner for me, and we could have Harry Hamlin star in the movie version!!!! That would be my recommendation.

  4. Wow…there are actually 110 things you cannot name your book if you want to avoid duplication. Check out scifan and search for “chaos” (Sorry, no link available for search results.)

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