SF Tidbits for 10/27/06

6 thoughts on “SF Tidbits for 10/27/06”

  1. I’m amazed at the number of ways Galactica has been characterized. It’s Pearl Harbor! It’s 9/11! It’s the War on Terror! It’s the Iraq War!

    An article written for a newspaper in (say) Israel will have a totally different viewpoint about the show than an article published in the US.

    Then again, sometimes a Battlestar is just a Battlestar.

  2. Sweet! An RTFB from the readers!


    Nice one John. Maybe next time you ought to go further back than a week when recycling tidbits. ;)

  3. Ummm…I just wanted to be really sure that people saw the repeated link…yeah, that’s it.

    Apologeis, Mikul…I fiexd teh spellnig of yuor naem. :)

  4. Ha, ha, ha.

    You do remind me that a few years ago, a bunch of us were thinking of publishing an anthology of stories by Michaels. We had Flynn, Resnick, and Swanwick interested, just to name a few people. We were going to call it The Michaels of Science Fiction.

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