It’s Halloween! Everyone has their own list of scary movies. (Or movie charcters, or horror villains, or scenes, or…)

What do you think are the scariest movies?

For me, it’d be The Exorcist, The Evil Dead and The Omen (original). I saw all of these when I was an impressionable, young whippersnapper. (As opposed to the stubborn old codger I am today.) These are the movies that I’d remember when I was home alone and the house would start making noises I never heard before. The bed moved! Was that the sound of a amputated hand crawling up the wall? Is that Damien in the attic?

I was never much scared by slasher horror flicks. I always found them to be amusing when I was younger; the bloodier, the better. My all-time favorite movie-going experience is still A Nightmare on Elm Street because the audience was so into it.

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