Don’t get me wrong, I really like Heroes, and what I am about to outline doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of the show one bit. In fact, its really just me ranting a bit about the show and NBC.

  1. This one really bugs me to no end and I don’t know whose fault it is. Time Warner’s for having crappy time servers feeding time to the set-top boxes, or NBC for running Heroes long, but the last three episodes I’ve recorded have all ended with at least one minute left, if not more. As it is, not only do I miss the ending monologue by Mohinder, I also miss the teaser trailer for next week. WTF? And no, watching it live is not an option. There is no way I will have Heroes on TV when there is any possibility my kids will be around. As it stands now, it looks like I’ll have to go and bittorrent the show over-night just so I can watch the last couple of minutes the next day. Insane. The other thought is that I record the show in HD, and I’ve noticed that the HD feeds tend to lag the regular feeds by a second or so for no discernible reason. But its only a second lag, not a minute or more. As I don’t know who to blame, I will place it equally on the media whore corporations of NBC and AOL/Time Warner. A pox on you!
  2. And now the non-serious one. I realize they are probably shooting the different ‘settings’ in close proximity to one another, but the Odessa setting really bugs me, cause, well, it isn’t really Odessa. For one thing, there are too many trees, way too much grass and not to mention the existence of large hills. There is no hint of the car-eating tumbleweeds, bone dry environment, or vast fields of oil wells. Yes, yes, its just a show, but it still bugs me. And being out in the middle of BFWest Texas, Odessa isn’t the most connected of places. I have to assume that Claire’s dad is using the company jet to galavant around the country, because he sure isn’t flying in and out of the Midland/Odessa airport in a timely fashion. But then again, the fairly remote location, yet within easy reach of most of modern life’s amenities, is a selling point if your going to be running a secret government facility masquerading as a paper products manufacturer.

Again, nothing Earth shattering here, just a couple of annoyances and I’m really curious to see if others have the same issue recording the show that I do, especially other Time Warner customers in Houston (looks at John and/or Trent). Now I’m off to bittorrent land so I can see the last couple of minutes of last night’s episode. Oh, and for those of you who still have it recorded, go back and look at Charlie’s birthday pictures. Notice something different in the second one?

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