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TOC: The New Space Opera

Jonathan Strahan has posted the table of contents the upcoming anthology he edited with Gardner Dozois, The New Space Opera:

  1. “Verthandi’s Ring” by Ian McDonald
  2. “Saving Tiamaat” by Gwyneth Jones
  3. “Hatch” by Robert Reed
  4. “Winning Peace” by Paul J. McAuley
  5. “Glory” by Greg Egan
  6. “Maelstrom” by Kage Baker
  7. “Blessed By An Angel” by Peter F. Hamilton
  8. “Who’s Afraid of Wolf 359?” by Ken Macleod
  9. “The Valley of the Gardens” by Tony Daniel
  10. “Dividing the Sustain” by James Patrick Kelly
  11. “Minla’s Flowers” by Alastair Reynolds
  12. “Splinters of Glass” by Mary Rosenblum
  13. “Remembrance” by Stephen Baxter
  14. “The Emperor and the Maula” by Robert Silverberg
  15. “The Worm Turns” by Gregory Benford
  16. “Send Them Flowers” by Walter Jon Williams
  17. “Art of War” by Nancy Kress
  18. “Muse of Fire” by Dan Simmons

Mmmmm….juicy. I wonder how it will compare to the recent Hartwell/Cramer-edited The Space Opera Renaissance?

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  1. WOW! That’s a great collection of authors. I’ll buy that book for sure! When will it be released?

  2. Amazon lists it with a June 1, 2007 release date.

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