UK bookstore chain Waterstone’s has posted a list of Top 10 SF titles of 2006 which, inexplicably, names only 9 titles. Is this a metric thing? Anyway, in no particular order, here are Waterstone’s Top “10” SF titles of 2006:

  • Polity Agent by Neal Asher
  • Engaging the Enemy by Elizabeth Moon
  • The Mammoth Book of Best New Science Fiction by Gardner Dozois
  • Galactic North from Alastair Reynolds
  • The Man From the Diogenese Club by Kim Newman
  • Crossover by Joel Shepherd (See SF Signal review)
  • Paragaea by Chris Roberson (See SF Signal review)
  • Nova Swing by M. John Harrison
  • Air by Geoff Ryman

UPDATE: Also…Three Days to Never by Tim Powers (See SF Signal review)

[via Lou Anders]

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