If you dare, you can see 5 minutes of clips from next Monday’s Heroes fall finale. Probably some spoilers in there, most notable HRG and Sylar going at it verbally. After next Monday, we’ll have 7 weeks of crap NBC programming until Heroes returns.

And what is this with all of these ‘fall finales’ all of a sudden? I haven’t watched broadcast TV regularly in years, but I don’t remember shows taking 6 – 8 week breaks between the fall and spring seasons. First LOST, then Jericho and now Heroes. Don’t get me wrong, I kind of like the idea, as along as, when each show returns, we get all new episodes straight through to the season’s end. Otherwise, why bother? I think Heroes is now my favorite show on TV, based on the strength of one character, Hiro. The others are interesting in their own way, but Hiro is the most complete and sympathetic character right now. It was gut wrenching to watch Hiro run into the limits of his power. Very sad.

That’s why Heroes rocks.

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